You Reap What You Sow

LOCKDOWN. What do you think when you read this word? Not allowed across the city? Not allowed across the country? Yes, that’s correct, but the lockdown that I felt in China is different than in my hometown or another country, where we still can go to the supermarket or traditional market to buy our supplies or needs or maybe there is a restricted hour to go out and after that time not allowed be in the outside. Today is my 30 days lockdown in Shanghai on Saturday, 16 April 2022, where we can’t go out of our building and compound. 

I know this lockdown is not easy for everyone, especially for little vendors and some workers that need to work on-site. I don’t know how they are surviving during these difficult times. I saw a video on social media, there is a man-eating instant noodle every day because he can’t effort to buy vegetables, fruit, and meat. This is the irony of this lockdown. I don’t want to complain, but the management is not ready enough to face this epidemic, even if it became a pandemic 2 years already. When other countries are already free can travel go anywhere they want, China still closes their border strictly. And this is what makes me confused, why even if they already use “The Dynamic Zero Tolerance Covid”? This virus still can spread inside of China. 

And on April 8, 2022, I got sick where I never been got fever this high before (psst… not covid), I have been four days got a high fever and reached 41 degrees on my third day. The volunteer in my building helps me to contact the hospital to send an ambulance to pick me up. But, going to the hospital is not an easy task during this epidemic in Shanghai and even if you are in an emergency situation, they will reject you if you did not have 48 hours of the nucleic acid test. Because I don’t have a nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, I can’t go to the hospital. So, I canceled my plan to go to the hospital. And actually, I’m also afraid to go to the hospital because my Chinese is not really good, and then how if they are not patient enough to hear what I said in Chinese? And also, the risk to get infected with Covid is so high if we go to the hospital at this time. 

And fortunately, on the fourth day, my body temperature drops until became a normal temperature, thank God for your blessing and protection. And when I’m sick, I have someone that is always patient listen to my worried, and always told me to positive thinking and nothing is impossible with God. I also have my mom that always prays for me to be healthy again. I have a good housemate that takes care of me. She cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me until I’m fully recovered. I just knew her when we got lockdown. The first time talked with her was when I called her to go for the nucleic acid test because the committee told us to take the test together based on the flat. She looks so scary at that time. And the second time talk with her when I want to share veggies that I got from my company, my company gave us so many veggies and I definitely can’t finish them by myself and when my company gave us the second package again, I shared again to her and my Poland’s neighbor. Because of this the connection between me with my housemate and my Poland neighbor become good. 

And my boss gave me a red packet (RMB 200) to give to my neighbor. But she rejected it and said, “we are all under the same roof and I just moved to Shanghai, and our neighbors are so good and kind. Especially you, you showed me the kindness and what I did is nothing”. Same with Poland’s neighbor, she gave me watermelon, banana, banana pancake, veggie pancake, tuna pasta, an ice bag for my fever, and honey. The volunteer (Penny) that help me to contact an ambulance, make sure to the committee that I still can back to my apartment if I go out to the hospital, and help to buy medicine for me. And I also want to say thank you to my neighbor 704 for the paracetamol, because buying paracetamol during this lockdown is not easy. We need to put our data and they will be thinking we get Covid.

I’m really so blessed because there are a lot of good things that happened in my life during my difficult time, and many peoples take care of and are good to me. So, keep humble and kind to other people, because you never know what will happen in your life and you reap what you sow. 

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