Lockdown in Shanghai 2022

Yeah, I know it’s been two years already since Covid19 came to us and changed our life. From we need to wear a mask when we go out, social distance, make sure everything is hygiene. And traveling around the world became so difficult, such as so many procedures that we need to follow, many of us even need to separate with our family or LDR with our partners, because of this travel restriction. Many of us also lost our family, partner, job, business, etc. These two years become so difficult for all of us.

From 2020 until now, China is so strict and hard to work to fight this Covid19, so at that time in 2020, they only need 1,5 to 3 months to recover from this covid.  And I think only China that still closed its border until now. Only someone who has a PU letter (permit letter from foreign immigration in China), and a working visa/spouse visa can come to China. But the flight ticket is so expensive, for example from Jakarta to China can be around RMB 40000-50000 (around USD 7000-8000), we also need to quarantine for 14-28 days depending on the city you arrive and you need to pay it by yourself. 

I still remember I’m stuck in my hometown Indonesia from Jan 22, 2020, until Sept 23, 2020. Because China closed the border, even for those who still have working visas and resident permits. And I’m so lucky at that time because I took my office laptop with me, so I still can work from home for almost 9 months. I almost every day read news about China to find good news about when they open the border for those who have a resident permit and working visa/spouse visa until I feel tired and tried to enjoy my time with my family in Indonesia. 

And on July 2020, my ex-colleague in Chengdu told me China started to open the border to another country such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, and finally Indonesia on August 2020. I’m so lucky because my resident permit and working permit are still active until Nov 2020. If my visa expired, I don’t know at this time if I’m still working in my current company or not. Because to get PU letter is not easy, you need to have an important position to get it and need a long process and expensive to get it. I still remember Aug 2020, before China opened the border to Indonesia, my company want to try to make a PU letter for me, and the fee around RMB 15000 (USD 2300), but not sure will get it too. So, if they reject it, you will lose your money.

They also have a strategy called “The Dynamic Zero Covid19” to handle this pandemic. For example, if there is one positive case in your compound, they will do massive testing for that compound. And for those who did not live in the same building with a positive person, only need to quarantine in their apartment for 2 days. And for life in the same building will be locked in their building for 14 days and a doctor will come to their room to give a test, someplace needs to do everyday nucleic acid test, some only 4- 8 times within 14 days.

And March 2022, Covid19 came again to China, there are outbreaks again in China starting in Jilin, Changchun, and Shanghai and then spreading around China. But the other cities are not serious as these three cities, especially Shanghai. Shanghai has been in a difficult position right now, new cases per day have been reached 355 for confirmed cases (have symptoms) and 5298 for asymptomatic cases (report for March 30).

I have been locked in my compound since March 18, 2022, until now, even if my compound did not have a case. And on March 26, they announced they will do a half area lockdown, first starting from Pudong’s area on March 28 at 5 AM – April 1, 2022, at 5 AM and then continue to the Puxi area from April 1,2022 at 3 AM until April 5 at 3AM. It is so difficult to buy vegetables, meat, and your needs during this lockdown. But fortunately, today (March 31, 2022) I got veggie from my management compound and got news my company will send us a “care package” (veggie, meat, etc.). Since this lockdown, every time I eat my food, I don’t know why that food becomes so tasty like your heart can taste it too. Maybe because so difficult to get it, like I need to spend my half-day time refreshing delivery apps to buy food. So many blessings come into my life during this time and make me appreciative and feel more grateful for every little thing that I got. Keep safe and health all of you! :).


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