Travel Alone? Yaasss! Why not??

I don’t know why I suddenly took this decision to travel alone to go to 4 countries and 5 cities in South East Asia in Feb 2019. I took my laptop and make plan and budget to travel in the end of March 2019 until April 10, 2019. And this travel plan is travel for food.

After I made the plan, I suddenly feel afraid to go alone, especially I heard and read in the internet some of cities that I’ve visit not too safe. Even if my hometown is more dangerous than that country from polling in the some website, but I keep feel so nervous and can’t sleep well (too exaggerated, right?! hahaa). And the more I watched about thats place, the more I scared to go.

But this is one of my resolution in 2019, I want to do something new that I’ve never try it before, something that make my adrenaline up. I want to meet a lot of peoples around the world, learn a lot of characteristics of people, try a lot of foods from different country and their extreme food too, give myself me time, enjoy my life and to know myself more.

The routes started from Philippines, I just went to Manila in Philippines to meet my friends and explore the local foods. After that I went to Hanoi for 3 days, and then Chiang Mai only for 2 days and go to Bangkok took 13 hours overnight sleeper train (nice experience, first time tried it). And the last is Kuala Lumpur.

And this trip make me falling in love with traveling and want to do it a lot. I wish I can traveling around the world.

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