Why I come back to China again???

After going back to Indonesia in June 2014, I started working again in Jakarta, Indonesia. But after worked for 1 day or 1 week or 1 month I always felt uncomfortable worked in that company and make me changed 5 companies within 1,5 years until I got a job in China. And I’ve ever jobless for 3 months until I get stressed so much because I didn’t have a job. Everyday I always opened a website for jobs, such as indeed, jobstreet, jobsdb, monster.com, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and many websites again. At that time, I know I don’t have a good Chinese skill to work in China, but I never give up to get it.

I feel I’m already falling in love with China, with all convenient access for transport, cheap and delicious food, the unique culture they have, and many things that make me really want to back to this Bamboo country. And I had interviewed many times with companies in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines. I’ve been rejected many times because my Chinese isn’t too good or I reject the offering because of the benefit and salary that they offered to me not too good. Until Jan 2016 before CNY, there is a big 5 international company in Chengdu that gave me a call want to process an interview with me. And I passed the interview with HR and continue the interview with GM(the last interview), and I think this is the easiest and the most simple interview I’ve ever had. GM didn’t ask me many questions, almost 30 mins I listened to her explain about the job and China.

And after CNY 2016, I got called again that made me really shocked and surprised. HR said you passed the last interview and will send me an email about the offering. And without thinking too much, I said “YESSSSS” for this job. And on Apr 25 2016 I moved to China. I’m so happy I can come back to China again. By the way, I got that job from LinkedIn. So things that I want to say never give up for something that you really want or your dreams, as long as you try your best to make it come true, and believe it, you can get it. Success for you all.. 🙂

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