About Me

Hiii!!! Just call me Bella, this is my initial name. I”m from Indonesia. And want to try to write a blog to make documentation about my life and journey.

I’ve been living in China more than 3 years already. The first time I came to China in Feb 2014, I came to Beijing to studied Chinese language for 1 semester. And in June 2014 I back again to Indonesia, to working again. And after 3 months came back to Indonesia, I felt I falling in love with China. Because of that i changed my job until 4 times, because i’m not comfortable to do that job. My heart in China, I like live in China. And then I tried so hard to find a job in China for more than 1 year, might be there are total 150-200 job vacancies that I’ve applied. And in Feb 2016 I’ve got email that said Hi WXL, you success through this interview and would you accept this offer? And can you on board in April 2016? and i said YESSS!!! of course i want to accept this offer.

OMG!!! Finally I’ve got this job and I’m so surprise got this job. And in April 2016 i bought a one-way flight ticket to Chengdu, China (Yeayyyy..!!!). I lived in Chengdu for 2 years and 7 months. And Chengdu is really nice city and gave me a lot of memories (sad and happy). And this city have so many spicy and delicious foods than others city in China. Chengdu is known as the happiest city in China and suitable for life. Because of the stress level work and life in here not same like Beijing and Shanghai. And also known as “homeland of pandas”.

In Oct 2018 I’ve got my new job in Shanghai, and moved to Shanghai on Nov 28 2018. And yeahh my new journey is began..


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